The Altreuter name comes from Freidrich Wilhelm Altreuter who came from Bavaria to New York City around 1850. We’ve lost contact with most of his progeny. We now think of ourselves as part of the “White’s” from Red Bank, N.J.
The picture on this page is of John Henry White Jr, father to John Henry White III & Florence Riddle White. He was the grandfather to Florence White Altreuter’s sons Ken, Rich, Sam & Charlie.
His father was Captain Jack White, who sailed winning vessels in the Cape May races in the days when these races were regarded as second only to the international races for the America’s cup. Captain Jack married Elizabeth Robbins, daughter of Captain William Henry Robbins who carried lumber on his Schooner, the James H. Patterson from Albany, N.Y.
Captain Jack’s father was Captain John Patterson White who owned & sailed coasting schooners between New York and South Atlantic ports. And, the sailing tradition continues today.

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