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Updated November 2009


November 2009: Recently Jeffrey White uncovered a Google book online which confirms some of our early White lineage. A discussion of the book and a link to the pdf file for the entire book can be accessed from the family tree page by clicking on John P. White and then going to "Prior Generations."

October, 2009: We have added a video of Elinore Boyd Altreuter. This is a home movie without sound taken by her son, Louis Boyd Altreuter in 1930

February, 2009: A Red Bank historian has provided us with photos of our great great grandfather, John Patterson White. These have been added to his page. There is a definite resemblance to his son, Capt. Jack White.

We learned last year that William Clark and Catherine McMullen had another daughter named Marguerite. We have some photos of Marguerite. She appears to be about midway in age between Mabel (born 1890) and William (born about 1900). We do not know what happened to Marguerite.

For reasons of privacy and identity theft, living descendants are not identified on this site. However, you can reach us at altreuterkyahoo.com. We are anxious to continue to expand our knowledge of our ancestors and our extended family.