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We have located a Google book online called A Genealogical History of the descendants of Peter White, of New Jersey, From 1670, and of William White and Deborah Tilton his wife Loyalists by James E White. This book was printed in 1906 in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

This book follows the descendants of a branch of the White family that were Loyal to the British Crown during the Revolutionary War. The book traces this Loyalist family back to Thomas White, a carpenter, who was born in Deal, England, and died in New Jersey around 1684.

Our White ancestors were rebels or patriots, depending on your point of view, and are also descendents of the same Whites of Deal, England. The White family tree depicted here is drawn from our family's handwritten notes that have been passed down without documentation for generations.

Thomas White on this tree, his son Peter White who married Mary Worthy and their son Robert White who married Margaret Hartshorne are all corraborated by the book (pages 1-2 or pdf file pages 16-17). However, there is a big monkey wrench thrown into our neat genealogy in the first page of the appendix. Peter White, who married Mary Worthy, may not have been the son of Thomas White but rather his brother (page 89 or pdf file page 138).

The Loyalist branch of the family were descendents of Robert's brother Peter White II. This book of White history begins with a few pages of who begat whom but there are some interesting stories about the Loyalist Whites during the Revolutionary War in the first eight pages. This Loyalist branch of Whites also had a few schooner sailors.


Link to book PDF file



Thomas White (or Whyte)

Born in Deal, England

Died in New Jersey in 1685

Peter White
Mary Worthy
Robert White
Margaret Hartshorne


White II











Robert White III

1753 - 1853


Clemence Dennis

1760 - 1847

David Lewis
Mary Patterson

Elijah White

1791 - 1868

5 siblings: Littleton, Ann, Russell, Jacob Asher


Mary Lewis

1799 - 1891

2 siblings Eliza, Jane


John Patterson White

1819 - 1894