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Florence Riddle White

Born: October 18,1919 -- Died: December 1, 2005


Florence White Altreuter was born on October 18. 1919 in Middletown , NJ. Her great grandfather and grandfather were sea captains in the New York City to Carolinas supplies trade. Her father was a successful local businessman and her mother grew up on a farm in Lincroft. She attended Red Bank High School, was accepted to college but went to work as a secretary to a Colonel for a few years before marrying her high school sweetheart, Ken Altreuter.

Being a well established local Red Banker, she enjoyed an extended family and had many friends who came to holiday dinners and pool parties. An avid reader and tennis player, she was also a long-time member of the First Presbyterian Church at Tower Hill and the Monmouth Boat Club, and was a volunteer at Riverview Medical Center, all in Red Bank. Florence loved the beach and swimming laps with Ken at Elliot's in Sea Bright. A few years after Ken died she moved to the Navesink House and the people there became part of Florence's extended family through some difficult times. She died peacefully in her apartment in Navesink House on December 1, 2005.

Historical Time Line

1919: Florence is born and Prohibition begins. The "roaring Twenties" are about to start.

1923: Popular songs are "Yes, We Have No Bananas," "Tea for Two," and "I Want to be Happy."

1924: There are 2.5 million radios in the U.S. Women's fashions feature straight dresses without a waistline and skirts above the knees (flappers).

1929: "Black Friday" begins the depression on Oct 28, 1929.

1941- 1945: WW II

1946: Winston Churchill coins the phrase "The Iron Curtain" and the "Cold War" begins.

1950: Color TV introduced in US

1975: Nixon resigns as president rather than face impeachment.

2000: Y2K begins without widespread computer failure.