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Royal Kenneth Altreuter

Born: February 26, 1918-- Died: 1984


Royal Kenneth Altreuter was born on Febuary 26, 1918 in Brooklyn, NY. His father died when he was 7 years old. He spent his boyhood in Brooklyn with summers at Boy Scout camp in the Catskills.

His mother remarried in 1929 and Ken acquired a step-father and a step-brother, Robert, who was about the same age. The family moved to Little Silver, NJ, and Ken attended Red Bank High School where he met Florence White. Ken graduated from Rutgers in 1940 with a degree in Chemistry. He married Florence the same year.

Ken and Florence had four sons: Ken Jr, Rich, Roger, and Charlie. During WWII, he worked in a munitions factory in Chattanooga, TN, making explosives. After the war, he worked in a leather tanning plant in Gloversville, NY. The family next moved back to NJ and Ken worked for Standard Oil Company (Later known as Esso, later Humble, later Exxon). He died in 1984 of colon cancer.

Ken loved sailing and owned a variety of sailboats. He sailed most every summer weekend in NJ with his sons. He liked to dance, play tennis and play bridge. He enjoyed all kinds of music but could not play an instrument or sing.

ken in September of 1938

Historical Time Line

1918: World War I ends. Boston won the World Series in 1918.

1927: Charles Lindbergh flies from New York to Paris in 33.5 hours.

1929: "Black Friday" in New York. The stock market crashes on October 28,1929 beginning the Great Depression.

1939: Germany invades Poland starting WWII.

1941: Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. One week later, Germany and Italy declare war on the US.

1945: Germany surrenders. Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. WWII ends.

1957: Russia launches Sputnik, first earth satellite.

1963: President Kennedy assassinated.

1969: Neil Armstrong steps on moon.