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Anna Mabel Riddle

Born: August 26, 1897-- Died: 1984


Anna Mabel Riddle was born on August 26, 1897 on her father's farm in Lincroft, NJ. She was the 5th of 6 children.

She married John Henry White II on May 1, 1917 and had two children, John Henry White III and Florence Riddle White. Mabel and John lived most of their married life on Hudson Avenue in Red Bank. The picture above was taken in 1980. She died in 1984 after being a widow for twenty years.

Historical Time Line

1897: William McKinley was inaugurated as president. Sidewheel paddle steamboats traveled on the Navesink River. Trains crossed the nation but cars were rare.

Cars, airplanes, radios and electric lights appeared and became wide spread early in the twentieth century. Medical science at the beginning of the century is not much different than it had been for the past few hundred years. By the middle of the century, antibiotic and immunizations have changed medicine. TVs are in every home. Transitors are appearing and are changing the world with smaller radios, TV's and a few computers.

On July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong steps on the moon.