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John Henry White II

Born: February 1, 1889-- Died: 1964


John Henry White II was the ninth of ten children born to Capt. John Henry White and his wife Elizabeth Robbins White. He grew up on the water literally since their home was on a barge in the Navesink River in Red Bank, NJ.

John left school in eighth grade and became an apprentice to a roofer and sheet metal worker in Patchogue, Long Island. While living with the family there and learning a trade, he also learned to play the piano and read music.

He joined the cavalry as a young man. He eventually developed his own business in roofing which grew to employ about six men and a full time bookkeeper and secretary, Miss Pinkney.

He bought a new Ford car every two years and drove to Florida for vacations nearly every winter for many years. All his roofing trucks were made by Ford as well.

John Henry White was known for his honesty and hard work. He became a successful businessman. He was a deacon in the Presbyterian Church in Red Bank and sang in the choir. He liked to catch crabs from his row boat in the Navesink River but was not a sailor like his father and grandfather. He died in 1964 after several years of increasing dementia.

John Henry White II

Historical Time Line

1889: Benjamin Harrison is inaugurated as 23rd president. Oklahoma is opened to non-Indian settlement.

1898: Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt led the Rough Riders calvary charge up San Juan Hill in Puerto Rico during the Spanish-American War.

1908: Ford Motor Company produces the first Model "T" Ford.

1913: Ford introduces the assembly line form of manufacturing.

1915: Ford produces its one millionth car.

1929: Beginning of the Great Depression.

1941: Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.

1951: Beginning of color TV in the US.

1957: USSR launches first earth satellite, Sputnik.