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Royal Washington Altreuter

Born: May 6, 1889 -- Died: March 1, 1925


Royal Washington Altreuter was the youngest of four children. He was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up there. He worked in the commodities exchange as a cotton broker with his brother William and was financially quite successful.

He married Mabel Clark in 1914 and had one child, Royal Kenneth Altreuter, born on February 26, 1918.

Draft records show that Royal and his two brothers were registered for the draft.

Royal Washington Altreuter died on March 1, 1925.

Recently, his grave site was visited in Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY. Pictures of his gravestone and another stone on the same plot are shown in the gallery.

Royal Washington Altreuter

Historical Time Line

1889: Royal was born one year before Dwight D. Eisenhower and Charles DeGaulle and the same year as Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hilter. Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd president.

1895: Marconi invents radio telegraphy.

1903: The Wright brothers fly a powered airplane. The first coast-to-coast car trip in the USA takes 65 days. England sets a speed limit for cars at 20 miles per hour.

1904: Royal is 15 years old. The Broadway subway is opened in New York City. A New York cop arrests a woman for smoking in public.

1914 - 1918: World War I.