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Lucy Coles

Born: June 22, 1859 -- Died: July 14, 1941


Lucy Coles was born on June 22, 1859. One source has her birthplace as Lincroft, NJ and another as Brooklyn NY. Her father was William Bates Coles, born in England. Her mother was Ann Dean, born in Ulster, Ireland.

She married John Riddle on July 25, 1880 in Leedsville, NJ. The marriage certificate still exists but has cracked and yellowed with time. It is shown in the picture gallery. They had six children:

William Henry Riddle: born June 13, 1881, married Achsa Robbins,died 1941
Frank Riddle:born June 7, 1883,died 1913
Walter Everett Riddle: born April 3, 1886, married Mary Roberts, died 1941
Florence Mae Riddle: born August 26, 1889, married Carlton Lane, died 1960
Anna Mabel Riddle: born August 26, 1897, married John Henry White, died 1984
John Harold Riddle, born July, 28, 1899, married Marjorie D. Mitchell, died early 1950's

Lucy and John owned and maintained a farm on Hurley Road in Lincroft, NJ. When John retired, they moved to Hudson Avenue in Red Bank. She died on July 14, 1941.

 Lucy Coles

Historical Time Line

1859: Charles Dickens writes "A Tale of Two Cities" and Darwin writes "On the Origin of Species."

1890: Rubber gloves are used for the first time in surgery.

1891: Judson invent the zipper.

1895: Roentgen discovers x-rays.

1922: Insulin is given for the first time to a patient.