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John Riddle

Born: April 5, 1857 -- Died: May 27, 1933


John Riddle was born on April 5, 1857 in Little Silver, NJ. He worked most of his life as a farmer. He married Lucy Coles in 1880. They had 6 children. Anna Mabel Riddle was his fifth child.

When he retired, he moved to Red Bank, NJ and lived at the foot of Hudson Avenue, just down the street from his daughter Anna Mabel and her husband John Henry White. In his retirement, he worked during the summer pushing a lawn mower over the estate that covered most of Tower Hill in Red Bank. He died on May 27, 1933.

Historical Time Line

1859: Invention of storage battery and first oil well drilled at Titusville, Pa.

1866: Alfred Nobel invents dynamite.

1876: Bell invents telephone and Nikolaus Otto invents the internal combustion engine.

1879: Edison invents the light bulb. 1883 First skyscraper is built. It is 10 stories high in Chicago.

1893: Henry Ford builds his first automobile

1927: 15 millionth Model "T" Ford is produced.