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Elizabeth Robbins

Born: circa 1852

Family portrait

Elizabeth Robbins is shown here surrounded by her family. She was born about 1852 in Navesink, NJ. The date of her marriage to John Henry White is not known. Her first child was born in 1867 which would have made her a young bride and mother. She raised her family in a house built on a barge called "The Ark." She and Jack had ten children, two of whom died as young children. The date of her death is lost but she is mentioned as surviving her husband in his 1921 obituary.

Children of Jack and Elizabeth White

John William August 9, 1867
Ferdinand Lucien September 14, 1870
Nellie McClain April 10, 1874
Leslie April 8, 1879
Phebe April 4, 1880
William H.R. August 5, 1882
Bessie Allen January 15, 1885
Reuben E. March 23, 1887
John Henry February 1, 1889
Ensley Morris March 14, 1894

Historical Time Line

1852: Franklin Pierce is elected president. The U.S. imports sparrows from Germany as a defense against caterpillars.

1879: Edison devises first practical electric lights.

1885: Karl Benz builds single cylinder engine for a motor car.

1888: Nikola Tesla constructs electric motor.

1907: Louis Bieriot crosses the English Channel in an airplane.

1920: 19th Amendment gives women the right to vote.