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John Henry White's Extended Family Tree

John Henry White had 5 siblings from his father's first marriage. After the death of his mother, Hannah Allen, his father remarried and had three more daughters with Phebe Newman. Two of those daughters married Doremus brothers.

John Henry White and his wife, Elizabeth Robbins, had ten children. Eight survived to become adults but only four married and only three (Nell, John Henry and Ensley) had children. The family tree pictured here does not show the children of Captain Jack's siblings and half sisters. Nor does it show the other 12 children of his grandparents, Elisha White and Mary Lewis, and all their offspring. Needless to say, the White family of Monmouth county was large and growing at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Additional information is available on his father, John Patterson White, and three of his grandparents. Click on the links below the tree. We have extensive reconds on this side of the family. A link to several previous generations can be found on the John Patterson White page.

John Patterson White Edmund W. Allen Sarah Throckmorton Mary Lewis