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John Henry White

aka: Captain Jack

June 13, 1845 -- June 15, 1921


John Henry White was the son of a sea captain who grew up to be a sea captain. He raised his family on a barge in the Navesink River at Red Bank, NJ. This house boat was known as "The Ark." Capt. Jack's life story is told, in part, in his death notice and funeral notice in the Red Bank Register from June of 1921.

Formal portrait of Captain Jack

Historical Perspective

James Polk was president when John Henry White was born. During that year, the telegraph is used for the first time between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

In 1850, the U.S. population was 23 million; 14% were black slaves. Captain Jack was a teenager at the outbreak of the Civil War. He was on his father's schooner when it was captured by the South.